Chad Knight’s digital sculptures seem to defy reality

Chad Kinght digital sculptures

Chad Knight is a well known 3D artist, who likes to create reality-bending digital art. His unique approach to digital sculptures fascinates people all over the internet.

I think I became an artist at conception,” Chad claims. “It is more who I am as a person that what I do. However, the reason I make art is that I have a very overactive, noisy mind. Creating art is one of the few things that allows me to totally present. I skateboarded professionally for 16 years. During that time, it served as my creative outlet. Now that I do not have the opportunity to do it as often, combined with being less enthusiastic about broken bones, my 3D explorations have become my new outlet.

The artist reveals, that his desire to constantly improve is a major motivator in the creating process. What is more, he claims to enjoy both: process and result.

Many people search for symbolism in Knight’s sculptures and we can’t wrong them. “Everything on my work represents something or someone. My art is very much like an encrypted journal that I can share publicly.

Check out Chad Knight’s incredible digital sculptures!

#1. Origin

#2. Forged

#3. Renewal

#4. Make Your Own Reality

#5. Release

#6. Protect

#7. Coronal Crown

#8. Deeper Dive

#9. Bolt From The Blue

#10. Earth Angel

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