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Drawing on beaches is absolutely fascinating!

Beach Drawing

Let us introduce you to Tim Hoekstra’s work. Tim has always been fascinated by drawing, street art and other creative people. Since his childhood, he has been drawing and painting.

Here’s what he has to say about his passion:

I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. Drawing on the beach has always been my thing and I have been using materials I found there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger. Because they became so big I wanted to see the result from above. So, I mounted a GoPro on a kite so I could take pictures. Nowadays I am using a drone. I am inspired by tattoo artists, street art and geometry.

Love to be out in nature and be in my own creative world where everything can happen. I love to work on a large-scale using the environment as a canvas. Most of the work I make takes up to 4 hours. Afterwards, it’s washed away by waves as the tide comes in. I hope people are surprised, wondered, touched or just feel the energy I put in my work.

Check out Tim’s sensational beach drawing skills!











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