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Drone camera melted flying too close to Mount Kilauea

Mount Kilauea lava

In October 2017 Erez Marom spent 2 weeks shooting in Hawaii. His first stop was Big Island, where he got some amazing shots of the lava flowing off Kilauea volcano. At a small cost however…

In Erez’s words:

We hiked about 8 kilometers to reach the red hot lava, which was fortunately flowing outside the boundary of the national park. This enabled me to deploy my drone and try capturing unique aerial views of the amazing flows.

An hour into our visit, new lava rivers simply burst straight out of the mountain side. They too flowed, diverging and converging, down the slopes. We were truly mesmerized by the majestic phenomenon, and spent about 3 hours shooting at daytime, sunset and twilight.

At some point, I noticed the right side of the drone images was getting darker. I continued shooting but when I got back to the apartment, I was surprised to see the plastic inside the drone camera had melted. Probably that happened when I was shooting close to the lava! It was worth it, though!

Here’s Mount Kilauea up-close and personal!

And here’s my poor drone!

Via Bored Panda