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Fan creepily follows Instagrammers to copy their photos

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, we’re pretty sure Instagrammers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are feeling anything but flattered right now.

Morris and Bullen are a travel couple with a combined two million followers on Instagram. They shoot dreamy and whimsical photos everywhere they go, from Morocco to the Philippines to Greece. Suffice to say, these photographers are the definition of #travelgoals.

While many of Morris and Bullen’s followers have used their pictures as inspiration, one fan might have taken things too far. She actually visited the same places and made identical compositions! These include having the same exact pose, clothes (down to the accessories), props, and captions.



Bullen called out the copycat recently on her Instagram Stories. “When a girl travels across the world recreating your exact imagery over and over again you begin to worry,” she said.

“I think she missed the point that no one has copied down to this extreme before and it’s completely different,” she added: “copying down to the hand positioning, what’s in your hand- everything.. is just soooo next level.”

The copycat has since made her account private.

via Lost at E minor