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National Geographic Travel Photographer 2017 – Nature

National Geographic Travel Photographer 2017

Finally, winners of 2017’s National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year have been announced. And, as always, all photos are spectacular. Sergio Tapiro Velasco of Mexico was awarded the prestigious grand prize for his awe-inspiring image of the moment an erupting volcano was hit by a bolt of lightning. National Geographic awarded prizes for photographs in three categories. Nature, Cities and People.

Here are National Geographic ‘s winners in the nature categories

Grand Prize Winner – The power of nature, Sergio Tapiro Velasco

Powerful eruption of Colima Volcano in Mexico on December 13th, 2015. That night, on a dry and cold weather, friction of ash particles generated a big lightning arc of about 600 meters that connected ash and volcano, and illuminated most of the dark scene.

Second Place Winner – To live, Hiromi Kano

Swans glide over the protected Kabukurinuma wetland in Osaki, Japan. Since many of Japan’s wetlands have been lost, this area has become a rare wintering place for birds. It could very well be a last paradise for them.

Third Place Winner – Crocodiles at Rio Tarcoles, Tarun Sinha

American crocodiles huddle together along the bank of the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica. The photo was taken from a narrow bridge, while peering over the waist-high railing.