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IKEA just launched a pet furniture collection


IKEA is well known for branding anything you could possibly need to personalize your living space. They’re also known for branding plenty of things that you don’t need, yet somehow still end up buying.

One thing they’ve always lacked however is a collection of furniture specifically designed for pets. However they aim to change all of that with their new range called Lurvig. What’s a lurvig? It’s the Swedish word for “hairy”.

The new range includes everything you could ask for your pet. From dog beds and couch covers, to cat tunnels and scratching posts. The collection is currently being rolled out in stores across the US, Canada, France and Japan. In addition, other stores are scheduled to stock the paw-sitively paw-some range from March 2018.

Check out IKEA ‘s… pet furniture collection

Via Bored Panda