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Amazing Sculptures Made Completely Out Of Beach Waste

Pounds upon pounds of plastic and other waste are found washed up on beaches all around the world every single day. Humans produce too much trash and much of it ends up where it shouldn’t, harming marine wildlife and many other ecosystems.

Oregon-based organization Washed Ashore is aiming to do something about it with their awesome campaign focused on creating stunning ocean-themed sculptures using beach waste and nothing else. The sculptures are huge, which makes them all the more impressive… as well as scary considering that much beach waste is readily available to create it in the first place.

In the meantime get lost looking at these incredible yet sad sculptures made out of waste found on the beach and out at sea.

Hopefully they get you thinking about how you can decrease your own waste and help make this planet a better place for you, me, and the creatures in the sea!

wash-ashore-2 wash-ashore-3 wash-ashore-4

More info about Washed Ashore Organization here.