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Incredible innovations that improved our world in 2016!

Innovations 2016

2016 may have been a terrible year in many ways, but there was still some undeniable good to come out of the past 12 months. For proof, look no further than the year’s most impactful innovations, offering solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.
From a futuristic bus that glides over traffic to a $1 cup saving countless babies’ lives, inventors developed ingenious gadgets and ideas that tackle inequality and improve the world for millions of people.

In no particular order, these social innovations had a massive impact this year!

#1. An edible drone delivering humanitarian aid

Image: Windhorse Aerospace

The only thing cooler than a drone is an edible drone — especially one that saves lives.

An inexpensive drone prototype, called Pouncer, was designed to help deliver humanitarian aid to remote regions with impassible roads. The drone doesn’t just carry essential items for relief, but also features a plywood frame for firewood, wings packed with food and protective covers that can double as shelter.

Windhorse Aerospace, the company behind Pouncer, designed the drone in an effort to revolutionize aid in the aftermath of natural disasters. The team hopes the prototype will become a reality in 2017.