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Airbnb’s treehouse in Atlanta the most popular destination

Fancy hotels are great and all (the tiny shower gels are a joy in themselves), but what really gets us excited is a treehouse – mostly because we spent our childhoods wishing our parents would bloody well make us a mini house in the nonexistent trees in our nonexistent back gardens.*

*Blame TV. All the cool kids had a treehouse.

So it’s not too surprising that according to Today, the most popular listing on the whole of Airbnb is a lovely treehouse in Atlanta – especially as the same property topped the list of most-wanted properties back in 2016, beating out a seashell themed house and Pirates of the Caribbean getaway.

The treehouse was built by Peter Bahouth 18 years ago, but only started being shared with other people when Airbnb became a thing.

‘I began to realize that people were having these amazing, great experiences and it was meaningful (to them),’ Peter told Today. ‘It therefore became meaningful for me.

‘People come here and they write and they think.

‘They leave great stories and they have things happen to them here. Sometimes, they leave after two days and they just look different – they look like they just needed to simmer down a little.

‘I’ve tried to understand why it’s been so popular.

‘I think it’s a simple response to a complicated world for a lot of people.’

Plus, you know, there are bridges between trees. That’s very exciting.

Peter’s listing receives over 300,000 site visits per month, and currently has 147,052 people who’ve saved the property to their Airbnb wish lists, making the treehouse the most wished for location on the entire site.

That’s despite a price tag of £295 per night.